Fostering a community of people seeking personal and social redemption​

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About Us

I’m Brian, a United Methodist pastor, and I am following God’s leading to start a new church in growing city of Winter Garden. I previously pastored at United Methodist Churches in Ormond Beach and Orlando. This new adventure in Winter Garden has me thrilled beyond words and feels to me like the culmination of all my past experiences. The abundance of houses being built is a clear reminder that we naturally gather into a community. I want to create the kind of church that allows us to thrive in life. To do that, we need God’s help.

One of the amazing people helping to start this venture is my wife Melanie. She’s worked in the past with Disney, as a Director in Early Childhood Education, and much more. Ask her about some of the things she has done. Now, she is a full-time mom raising, teaching, and loving our two kiddos. Melanie and I just celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary. But, our story goes back to 2001, when we first met on the Walt Disney World College Program.

Melanie is a Florida-born , Georgia-raised girl. I am a Florida transplant, originally from Virginia Beach, an average surfer, and a pretty good woodworker.

If you want to learn more about the church plant, and how you can connect, email, text, call, or find me online @RevJohnsonBrian.

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The Plan

Phase 1: Learning the Community

I will begin by immersing myself in the lives and stories already happening in Winter Garden. My goal is to make connections, grow relationships, and seek out how Jesus is already at work in town.

Phase 2: Gathering in Community

Early on, we will be cultivating people interested in forming a new redemptive community in Winter Garden. Look for monthly gatherings in different places to draw people together.

Phase 3: Launching the Community

When we sense God’s timing with a critical mass of people we will begin to launch a weekly worship service.

Phase 4: Living as Community

While the worship service is a key part of a church, it is not the sole focus. In fact, launching a new church is not the end, but the beginning. We will continue to grow, adapt, and engage positively in Winter Garden.

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Location & Contact


Starbucks (Most Often)
3310 Daniels Rd #114
Winter Garden, FL


Brian Johnson – Pastor
(407) 614-7192 text/call

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Fostering a community of people seeking personal and social redemption​